Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY—New York, NY

Adjunct Instructor, English October 2015-present

ENG 088- This is an introductory freshmen English class for students who did not pass the CATW exam, who need individual assistance for their writing skills, formulation of ideas, and essay structure.

ENG 101—In this freshman composition class students learn and integrate thesis statements, outlines, topic sentences, critical thinking, analysis, MLA research and citations standards for constructing a college essay.

ENG 201- For this secondary English requirement class which includes literary analysis of fiction, poetry, theater, and nonfiction and more MLA research


Marymount Manhattan College -  New York, NY

Adjunct Professor, English and World Literatures

LGBTQ Literary Traditions - September 2017

This class focuses on the queer narrative through fiction, poetry, essays, speeches, plays, films, documentaries, comics, zines, and more. Writing assignments include: “Character vs. Self”- analysis of the Queer Archetype; “Feminism, HIV, and Gender: Personal is Political”- the role of consciousness in storytelling: and “Endings as Beginnings” –the unique components of the Queer Narrative.


Barnard College -New York, NY

Faculty, Liberal Arts Intensive Summer in the City Pre-College Program

Feminist Art and Space in New York City—July 2017-

This class investigates the role of art in the intersectional feminist movement for gender equity and access. Students are assigned a short research paper examining intersectional feminism through three pieces of visual art. Students are also asked to create either an individual or group zine focused on intersectional feminism.

Writing the Self -  July 2018

This writing workshop will introduce students to the differing forms and narrative complexity of “The Essay.” The goal of this class is to expand a traditional understanding of “The Essay,” to empower each student towards recognizing their writer’s voice. Some of our writing sessions will be conducted in parks and galleries throughout the city. Throughout the four weeks, students will keep a daily journal and generate material for two final essays.